Ork, Mage. Newest member of Ravens' Magic Society.


An African American Orc Mage with vitiligo, and light sensitive looking eyes. Flozell has a striking look that stands a little apart from other Orcs.


Originally a member of the lesser known Shamrock Heights Kings. Flozell makes his way by being the gangs doctor as well as stepping up to help out with other magics as needed.

He has since left the Shamrock crew and pledged his loyalty and affiliation to a new group. He was able to find, and successfully make contact with, the local Raven Magical Society. Upon joining this group he was able to expand his magical knowledge and increase his power as well. He has yet to execute his membership task and is planning a meta-planar quest to obtain a formula for a Spirit Ally. In addition, he has constructed a small room (Lodge-to-be) on the roof to the “Crunch Cave.” There is now a small “Apartment” on the roof with an attached rookery for Flozell to begin to attract and care for birds in the area (Raven and otherwise). He is also researching the option to plant awakened-ivy or other magically active plants to secure the C.Cave from prying astral eyes.
The construction of the Magical Level 6 Lodge/Apartment is completed. It has also been covered in Level 5 Guardian Vines. The task to join the Raven Society has been successfully completed, and the ground work for his astral quest has begun.


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