Shadowrun: Mohawks

The First Run

Soup For One:

The group was contacted for a run by their respective fixers. After introductions, the group met at “Bo Bo’s China”, a run-of-the-mill Chinese food shack. The Johnson pulled them to a back room, where they were instructed to ensure that a rival Restaurant owner was “Found face down in his own soup.”

After doing some Matrix research (And stealing an armored Limo from the Airport) the team arranged a meeting with the owner of Lucky Star China, under the guise of a likely investor.

After having the unaware man run a fire Drill on his manufacturing plant, both Tinkerbrawl and Ivanish made quick work of the poor sod. It happened so quickly, it caught his own bodyguard by surprise. the bodyguard, understandably, discovered that he had no idea where he was, and that he should get out of the building.

After it was all said and done, the Johnson shorted the team 500 Nuyen for their pay.

Flozell decided that his gang should go and get some free food from Bo Bo’s China for a few weeks.



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